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I would like to give you a little info. about me. My family has brought great joy to my life and with the addition of four grand babies, life is awesome. I have volunteered for Peace, Environment and Human Rights organizations. 
My long history of community involvement has enabled me to help people here and abroad. Traveling has enriched my life - Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Borneo, Middle East, Africa, Caribbean, Europe and Bali – where I fund raised for poor schools and medicine. I am on the Bali Think Tank – creating solutions for the environment. Presently I am fundraising for water projects - to get water to villages in the N.E. of Bali where people have no sanitation, medical, dental, schools etc. 
Part of your fee will go to charity.  Also, I would like to give to you, as a keepsake, the pen that you and your wedding party use to sign the marriage register and wedding license.
I love my job and would enjoy talking with you and hearing about your vision of your ceremony. I would like to share my information and experience with you.                      For more information, please contact...
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