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My name is SYLVIA MCGROARTY, Humanist Officiant
I am licensed by the Registrar General of the Province of Ontario to perform...
                    ELOPEMENTS & RENEWAL OF VOWS
                    HOUSE & BOAT BLESSINGS 
                    DESTINATIONS WEDDINGS (including underwater ceremonies)
    I would be happy to assist you with the creation of a beautiful and meaningful ceremony whether it is wedding, memorial, funeral or other ceremony. I am a knowledgeable, non religious Officiant with 7 years experience.  
                                     Part of your fee will go to charity.
    DEFINING HUMANISM: Humanism is a non-religious ethical philosophy, a way of life and a way of thinking that involves adherence to strong ethics, an emphasis on human rights and respect for its living beings. A Humanist works towards creating a more humane and responsible world, with a commitment to reason, freedom, tolerance and compassion.

    What are the steps…
    I like to meet with you in person or Skype to ensure we are a good fit.  I will answer your questions and discuss items such as...
    • how to get your Marriage Licence and Marriage Certificate...
    • what you envision for the ceremony
    • the three legal requirements necessary to be legally married
    • how much is the fee
    • musical selections, readings or poems
    • processional & recessional
    • vows and rings
    • who may be involved in the ceremony - family/friends/children
    • a cultural or religious reading may be included, read by a guest
    • what does the Officiant wear
    • photography/video
    • is a microphone needed
    • how long a ceremony you would like. Traditional, modern or both
    • is a rehearsal necessary
    • what is required of you throughout the ceremony. My ceremonies are designed so it is easy for you to participate. Tips to help you relax and enjoy.
                                        CONSULTATION:  No charge.
    I am an email or phone call away to help you create a meaningful ceremony.
    For more info:  sylviamcgroartyofficiant@hotmail.com   Cell:  289-681-4933
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